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Green Crack


Sorry, Einstein; E = gc²

Herbal, Sweet, Earthy, Lime
Stay sharp and focused with an energetic high that keeps you going all day long.
Cannabis Oil & Natural Terpenes
Naturally Found In: mango, wild thyme, cardamom, hops
Naturally Found In: basil, lavender, clary sage
Naturally Found In: citrus rinds (lemon, lime, orange etc.)
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Bloom One

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Bloom DART

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Bloom Drop

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Wake your weed up

Add a drop of oil from the Bloom Drop to a bowl or a joint for an extra punch of taste and potency. Your flower never knew it could be so powerful.

Dab it

With a potency of over 80% THC and terpene content over 10%, more flavorful and potent dabs will be hard to find. The oil applicator's easy functionality paired with solid glass construction make the Bloom Drop an ideal candidate for precise, easy dabbing.

Eat it

The Bloom Drop comes with 800mg of oil with pre-activated THC. Simply drop or infuse food for instant effects - no additional baking, cooking or heating is required. Adding the Bloom Drop to your favorite dinner or edible is a simple way to infuse homemade meals or increase their potency.

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