As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the best products and customer service, The Bloom Brand wants to keep you informed about our company and its continuous commitment to its customers.

In July 2018, The Bloom Brand underwent the State’s first voluntary recall. The recall was a direct result of a prematurely released batch. The batch contained varying levels of myclobutanil, a Phase II pesticide that was never previously tested by labs in California. Our products were promptly embargoed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), and, as a precaution, all Bloom products, even unaffected batches, were removed from the market. As a result, we took the initiative to improve all processes and procedures with the direct help of the BCC, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), customers, and dispensaries.

In September 2018, the embargo was lifted after all of The Bloom Brand products conclusively complied with all rules and regulations, thereby allowing all of The Bloom Brand products to return to stores. Shortly after the return of our products, we launched a rebranding of our packaging and implemented a custom CCELL cartridge technology that has been received with great enthusiasm amongst budtenders and customers alike.

In the wake of 2019, The Bloom Brand has developed a compliance department headed by Erwin Sibal, a biochemist who will be leveraging ten years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and Mehdi Sinaki, Chief Legal Officer. Together they have spearheaded all compliance issues, including updating our Standard Operating Procedures and preparing the company to effectively comply with all rules and regulations issued by all governing bodies. In addition, they have employed new strategies and procedures to forecast compliance issues. For example, The Bloom Brand has already implemented Category III testing in November 2018, well ahead of the 2019 regulations. The Category III testing includes all existing requirements, sixty-five (65) pesticides, residual solvents, and potency, while also adding testing for Mycotoxins, Terpenoids (where applicable), Heavy Metals, and Water Activity (where applicable). 

 Moving forward, The Bloom Brand continues its goal of maintaining, first and foremost, our customers’ safety and health. By continuously working with all regulatory bodies, including the BCC, CDPH, dispensaries, and customers, The Bloom Brand seeks to pioneer industry standards and provide the best products on the market. We thank you for your continuous support. 


Best Regards,

The Bloom Brand