Vaping cannabis is a great way to let loose, get creative, and stay active. It is also an excellent alternative to using prescription medications to treat pain, as praised by Pro Surfer Makaiah Spies.

Spiess, a Carlsbad local and native, has been competitively surfing since he was just ten years old, traveling all around the globe for competitions. When he is not out catching waves in Ponto Beach, California, you can find him working as a graphic artist and media producer for his own company. Spiess also designs logos for Gold Medalist Snowboarder, Shaun White, making him one busy guy. 

As you may know, finding time for self-care with a packed schedule can be tough, but Spiess manages to fit it in, and Bloom helps him with that! Although he did not stumble upon the help of cannabis until a couple of years ago when he received some disappointing news. 

In early 2018, Spiess’ surfing career hit a mild setback when he was diagnosed with severe scoliosis--an abnormal curvature of the spine. Due to the debilitating pain and discomfort, Spiess’ doctors prescribed him painkillers. However, the pills came with many side effects that made it difficult for him to continue leading an active lifestyle. As a result of his dilemma, Spiess’ Father recommended a more holistic alternative, cannabis. Spiess decided to give it a try and hasn’t looked back since. He finds that Bloom vapes specifically help exceptionally well in easing his pain and keeping him functional while he is out riding waves.

“For a year now, I have not touched any prescriptions and just use cannabis for all my ailments. It’s Amazing! My go-to Bloom strain would be Blue Dream. It allows me to be pain-free all day and doesn’t cause me to get tired so I can go for multiple surfs daily and workout,” said Spiess.  

Without using cannabis to treat his diagnosis, Spiess expressed that on a scale of 1-10, his pain can be up to a 7. If he hurts his back at all during a surf session or working out, the pain can be up to a 9, in addition to struggling with back seizures and cramping muscles all day. 

 “Almost immediately, any cramping in my back goes away once I use cannabis. My back pain goes away within 30 minutes, and my pain will be at a 0 or 1 for most days,” said Spiess. 

Although he had not tried cannabis before his diagnosis, Spiess is living proof of the fantastic healing properties the plant provides. Now with newer methods available such as vaping, cannabis is that much more accessible, allowing people like Spiess to break the ‘stoner’ stigma and continue leading active lifestyles. 

Makaiah's Bloom Recommendations: 

Afternoon Bliss: Blue Dream 

Breakfast before surf: Girl Scout cookie 

After work out: Green Crack 

Night time Sleep: Granddaddy Purple

Written by Sarah Berrafato