Your favorite strains are now more versatile than ever. Meet the Bloom Drop.

Brought to you by The Bloom Brand, the Bloom Drop is the ideal solution for transporting your favorite Bloom strains. Although cannabis oil syringes continue to grow in popularity, many patients are unaware of its variety of uses.

What is the Bloom Drop?

A new fan favorite, the Bloom Drop allows users to enjoy Bloom strains outside our vapes.

Of course, should vaping be your go-to, you can also use the syringes to refill our cartridges. However, the Bloom Drop is about to revolutionize the way you enjoy dabbing, smoking bowls and joints, and consuming edibles.
First, it’s important to note that each syringe holds 800 mg of the following:

  • 560 mg of pure THC (70%)
  • 240 mg of terpenes and cannabinoids (the chemical compounds responsible for flavor and the strain’s effect on the body)

How should I use the Bloom Drop?

  1. Dabbing: In this method, users reap the benefits of the full terpene profile, delivering the full complexity of flavor and strain strength. And, our syringes offer a significantly easier way to portion control when compared to shatter or crumble. Note: Keep the temperature at or below 600 degrees to ensure maximum effectiveness. Overexposure to high temperatures will cause burning, in turn damaging the flavor.
  2. Wax Joints: There are various methods in which you can add oil to a wax joint. You can line the paper with a thin coat of oil, or you can dip it the way you would a condiment. Find out how this user rolled his joint.
    Bowls: With a bong, piece, or pipe, add a small amount directly on top of the weed to strengthen potency.
  3. Edibles: Add the oil to recipes in place of cannabutter to create your own edibles. Or, since the THC is already activated, consume the oil directly by placing it on your finger or toothpick.
  4. Create Your Own Hybrid: Mix and match strains for your own desired taste and effect.
    Cartridge Refill: Simply refill your cartridge for future usage.

Safety Tips

  1. Leaks and Spills: Once the desired amount disperses from the syringe, quickly push the stopper back as to not leak the oil. Should oil spill, alcohol wipes are an effective clean up method.
  2. Handling: The syringe is made of glass; therefore, it must be treated as a fragile object as to avoid breakage. Note: the most delicate point is the applicator tip.
  3. Storage: Because the oil is plant-based, it’s critical to store the Drop in a cool place devoid of direct sunlight. This storage method helps avoid changes in the color and/or consistency of the oil.