Fellow Bloomists,

Our team is thrilled to announce Bloom has evolved!

We proudly introduce our newest, most powerful vaping device yet---The Bloom DART by CCELL.

As a group of cannabis enthusiasts and innovators, it was extremely important to us that we find a device that not only magnifies Bloom’s flavorful terpene profile, but enhances the vape experience entirely. The Bloom DART does just that and more.

In selecting the DART by CCELL, our team spent a lot of time vetting different closed-loop systems. However, we did not feel comfortable with any of the products we tested; either they had leakage issues or they did not produce a quality hit. The DART was by far the best hardware of all the options we tried, and as always, we made sure that all device parameters (voltage, resistance, etc.) were ideal for our oil. We then took it a step further and fully customized the hardware to the specifications of Bloom, giving life to The Bloom DART.

The Bloom DART’s ultra-compact design is more discreet and subtle than traditional 510 thread batteries, allowing you to carry and hit your vape with ease just about anywhere. Loaded with a 480mAh battery capacity, the Bloom DART has a ~35% longer life than our traditional Bloom battery and conveniently stays charged using a micro USB (~3 pods on a single charge).

The DART system is significantly less prone to leaks and comes with a metal housing that contains the battery cell to protect it from any damage. Built with the highest quality standards in the industry, CCELL’s advanced ceramic heating elements offer the greatest oil absorption so you can rest assured that you’re getting a smooth hit all the way to the last drop.

For those still unsure what all this means, we’re happy to break it down for you:

-A more powerful battery means bigger clouds. Bigger clouds mean more terpenes + THC per puff, which equates to stronger effects and quicker onset (so fewer puffs are needed to reach your desired effect or state of mind - YAY!).

-The Bloom DART Battery is made to last. Frequent overcharging is one of the main reasons why batteries fail over time but the Bloom DART battery has a feature that stops the charging flow once the battery is full (also YAY!).

-The Bloom DART has short-circuit prevention and will shut itself off when the load is too high, which means you won't experience the overheating damage that comes with either chain-vaping or hardware failure (winning!).

-The Bloom DART is the future of vaping! (this might just be our opinion) but the DART system--with Bloom’s oil--is unlike any other vape we’ve ever tried!

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Feel free to let us know what you think about the Bloom DART through our Customer Support Team or by tagging us in your photos via Twitter or Instagram using #BloomDART.

Written by Sarah Berrafato