Good things take time, as is true with the creation of our newest strain, Champagne Kush. 

However, after many trials and taste tests our team finally found the perfect addition to the Bloom Brand family!

Parent Strains: Hash Plant (I), Burmese Kush (H)

Taste: Floral, citrus, sweet.

Characteristics: Champagne Kush (CHM) is an indica-dominant hybrid well known for its smooth taste and euphoric effects. Users can expect to feel both cerebral and body ‘high’ as this strain is reported to aid in relaxation, couped with mood enhancing effects that generally lead to an overall sense of well-being. CHM is an energetic, bubbly hybrid perfect for socializing and celebrating good times.

Best for: Social events and festivals, watching the sunset, relaxing by the beach, camping trips, rocking out at a concert, or lounging in a hammock. Grab your tribe and share the good vibes with this bubbly high!

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