We asked our Instagram followers how they use cannabis to help elevate their daily routines
& the results were blog-worthy.  

1. "I started only smoking after I finish a goal, chore or a long day :)"

2. "I vape before I meditate for an even more focused experience."

3. "I use cannabis every morning to ease into that transition from sleep
to production and stay movin!"


4. "For migraines! Vaping a little every night prevents migraines
& its good pain relief if i get one!" 


5."I use PEX to tap into my flow state!"

6. "Microdose for weekend and after work activities" 

7."I treat cannabis like a diet. No Smoking until after 7pm!"

bonus life hack - "Step 1: Smoke Step 2: Dont be a lazy f*ck" @joshveeya