The Bloom VAPE

Clean, Crisp, and Clear.

Combustion-free cannabis oil pen designed for a clean and pleasurable vaporizing experience.

  • THC 70%
  • Capacity 0.5/1g

The Bloom ONE

The Premium Disposable.

Elegant, easy-to-use disposable cannabis vaporizer that features the award-winning Bloom Oil.

  • THC 70%
  • Capacity 300mg


Complete flavor. No compromise.

Carefully-crafted, small-batch concentrate made for connoisseurs.

  • THC 75-80%
  • Capacity 0.5g

The Bloom KIT

Convenience in a Case.

280 mAh vaporizer battery and USB charger in an easy carrying case.

The Bloom DROP

Endless Possibilities.

Versatile glass dispenser filled with Bloom Oil, designed for ease-of-use.

  • THC 70%
  • Capacity 800mg