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Cannabinoids. Terpenes. No additives.

Bloom believes in full transparency when it comes to our process and ingredients. All of our products are clean, compliant, and consistent.
Our vapes are made with simple ingredients - just cannabinoids, terpenes. No additives, no cutting agents.

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What they’re saying about Bloom Brand

I’ve tried countless cannabis vape pens.. and I always end up going back to bloom. 💓 PEX is my favorite
Let me start by saying I’m what most people consider a “weed snob” & being an old school stoner I was HIGHLY skeptical since vapes tend to disappoint me. But I am ever so happy I tried bloom! Hands down best disposable vape I’ve tried. I can't wait for the full gram carts to hit San Diego! The high is perfect for users with a higher tolerance and there aren’t any of those added fruity flavors that kill your palette.
I discovered Bloom 2 years ago and since then I haven’t stopped vaping their products! Maui Wowie, Pineapple Express, and Skywalker are my favorite strains because they perfectly fit my different life situations. Maui Wowie gives me a nice buzz around 11 am, Pineapple Express is perfect for chill, but still keeps me functional… And Skywalker puts me to sleep so well. It took me a while until I found the right strains for me, but now that I know what I like, my cannabis routine always includes Bloom!
I used to strictly smoke cannabis flower until I tried Bloom's King Louie Vape cartridge. It was the first and only vape to give me a similar high to flower, which I prefer, yet it doesn't wreak like a skunk so I'm able to keep it discreet when I need to. Normally when products taste so good you assume they don't work but I was relieved to find Bloom packs both flavor and power. I look forward to vaping their strains for years to come!
I love everything about Bloom. From the variety of strains to the effects and feel of each strain. Nothing compares!
I am impressed with how good this product actually is. I have tried numerous cartridges even the top ones in Cali and since I’ve been in WA these cartridges have been the best I have seen so far. Flavor brings me back to the first time I’ve ever smoked. Like the high reminds me of the time I got stoned and was going on amusement park rides! 😂 strain name super lemon haze!
Definitely the best Vape pen out there! Taste, smell, and hit amazing! Recommend getting the newest strain CHM hits so good. Also you can never go wrong with Pineapple. Express or Maui Wowie!
I’ve been using Bloom for a little over 2 months and I’ll tell you all that they know their game, best flavors(I tried PEX, Maui and their Jack so far) and very potent oil. I’ve tried most of the brands out there and Bloom stands out! I went to their demo last week and got a few units and they hooked me up with an extra unit on top of my purchase! Thumbs up for the BEST IN THE GAME!!!

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